Customers don't forget how you made them feel

Customers who love your business are your best marketing tool. Their enthusiastic recommendations help you attract new clients effortlessly. So how can you motivate past customers to become vocal brand advocates? The secret lies in exceptional service.

For example, as a strategy and marketing coach, my business is based entirely on relationships. Here are a few ideas I wanted to share on how I go Above and Beyond.

1) Meet needs clients didn’t even know they had.

As experts, we should have the knowledge and experience to guide them to success about issues they’re not even aware of… yet. Give them the tools to succeed before they even realize they need them.

2) Anticipate issues and solve problems proactively.

I encourage clients to text me when they’re struggling with a challenge and then I let them know when I’m available for a quick chat. I’m more than happy to help if my 15 minutes of advice can jump-start their productivity or save them hours of frustration. If you can, build a few extra free minutes into your schedule so you can be available for burning questions.

3) Personalize the experience based on their unique needs.

I pay close attention to my clients’ strengths and challenges so I can usually anticipate when they will need help. I know who is tech-savvy and who will need more guidance. I know who just needs a few pearls of wisdom and who will need step-by-step instructions. Really get to know your clients so you can give them the service that they need.

4) Exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Over Deliver Every Time. Make that your motto.

People remember – and promote – businesses that went the extra mile. Give clients exceptional service and watch them turn into your best advocates!