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for Mission-Driven ForProfit & NonProfit  Organizations

My Approach

My dream is to make your dreams come true!

Whatever your dreams, I want to hear all about them and then I want to help you make your dreams a reality. I can’t help myself; Once a teacher, always a teacher! You can take a college professor out of the classroom but you can’t stop us from sharing our knowledge and helping others.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Yah, I get laughed at all the time for saying that but I truly believe it. We were not meant to walk this Earth alone!

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who who believe in your dreams. Together, we’ll build a better tomorrow. A successful business is more than just a sense of pride – it can impact others and create the lifestyle and legacy that you want for you and your family.

Values & Beliefs

It's All About Relationships

It’s all about developing relationships, whether that’s personal or professional. My focus is on connecting you to who you want to know, hence the title Networking Diva. My role in your life depends on what you need whether that’s strategy, marketing, sale, networking, or strategic partnerships.

My goal is for us to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect so that no matter the season, you know I’m here for you. People come into our life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I’m here to serve wherever you are in your journey.

Client & Customer Relationships

We help you build relationships with potential and current clients through  marketing. Marketing is so much more than just a social media post or an ad. It’s about identifying, understanding, relating to and engaging with your ideal client and then nurturing that relationship so that you’ve gathered loyal, consistent clients who appreciate you and want what you have to offer.

Professional Relationships

We want you to be successful. We connect business owners to synergy partners, referral partners, and to their potential clients. We also try to connect professionals to employment opportunities and recruiters.

We connect you with whoever we think will have a positive impact on your life which may include financial planners, CPAs, executive coaches, life coaches, marriage coaches, and so much more.

When you’re financially, emotionally, and spiritually stable, everything else gets a little bit easier.

Personal Relationships

Life is too short. Build relationships with those who are important to you – family, friends, colleagues.

Personal growth helps us to appreciate and manage life so that it’s more enjoyable. How’s your work-life balance? Ask me for recommendations on who can help you create the life you want to live.

Who We Help…

Hey y’all, I’m Christine but oftentimes my friends just call me Diva! My heart is full of love for mission-driven organizations and I often say I’m a sucker for a cause.

Being mission-driven doesn’t necessarily mean nonprofit. Mission-driven means you have a desire to do good in the world, providing services or products that help this world be a better place.

My clients range from faith-based coaches & influencers, to speakers, authors, podcasters, realtors, insurance agencies, and nonprofits. They all have one thing in common – their true motivation is to make a difference and the income will follow.

I have a special place in my heart for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small & medium-sized businesses, and Nonprofits.

If this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation about how we can work together to make your dreams come true.

Most of all let love guide your life

The Origin Story of

DFW Networking Diva

My background is in education. As a college professor, I taught communication courses and coached the speech and debate team. Thoroughly enjoyed teaching, mentoring, and inspiring. But the hours were brutal, as any coach will tell you!

After years of juggling it all, I took time off to raise my boys. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity, a blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy.

But we raise our children for export so what does a mama do after they fly the coop?

My mother was doing credit card processing and suggested I try that. Hated it. LOL. But I learned a lot – and it’s just as important to know what you don’t like as it is to know what you do like!

What I discovered is that I LOVED networking and when I met with other professionals, they wanted advice on communication, networking, marketing, and strategy. And I thought to myself… I might as well get paid for it. I’m already doing it anyway!

Hence, the creation of Networking Diva. And although I wouldn’t officially label myself as a Business Coach, I often find that my clients need business advice before we can actually jump into marketing. So we offer business strategy sessions and marketing coaching & fulfillment. Networking is automatically part of everything we do.

I have an amazing team of Marketing Professionals that I collaborate with, specialists in a wide variety of skill areas. Together, we have created the ultimate Marketing Agency, allowing each marketer to embrace their own professional goals while working together to serve the greater good.

attitude of gratitude

My Teaching Experience

A graduate of California State University, East Bay with a degree in Speech Communication, I taught college courses on topics such as interpersonal communication, conflict management, intercultural communication, gender communication, resume building, interviewing skills, and business presentations.

I also taught public speaking and coached an award-winning speech and debate team. As an experienced public speaker with awards in Persuasive Speaking and Speech to Entertain, coaching just seemed to be a natural progression.

Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award<br />
In 2021, received a gold medal for serving the Veteran community: the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award

In 2021, Christine Deane received a gold medal for serving the Veteran community: the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Dedicated Patriot

I’m a lifelong patriot. My grandfather served in the Marines, my uncle served in the Army, I’m a former military spouse, and my youngest son is an Air Force Veteran. My family even has discharge papers for a great grandpappy who was a Civil War Veteran.

Currently I’m serving on the Board of Advisors for The Veterans Ranch as their Marketing Advisor. It’s also been an honor to serve in the past as a co-Founder and on the Board of Directors for the DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

I’m passionate about building a united Veteran community. Whenever I meet a Veteran, I try to connect them with the Veteran community whether it’s local, national, or global.

If you’re a Veteran or passionate patriot who’s interested in doing business with Veterans, book a time to chat and…

Brody the Beast Golden Doodle Extraordinaire

My Family Life

My boys grew up (how dare they?!). I gave the oldest to his wife and now we have a delightful redheaded grandson. My youngest I gave to Uncle Sam and he recently finished 6 years in the Air Force. They’re all happily residing in California. Must be time for another visit 🙂

When I’m not working, my fiance and two doodles keep me busy in the DFW area of Texas.

cuddle Bear

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