business plan, marketing strategy

Are you an impatient entrepreneur or business owner? You know what I’m talking about. You want to take action because you want to feel like you’re doing something. Anything. I’m guilty of doing that sometimes myself so I know the feeling.

But as a strategy and marketing coach, I’ve also seen the negative consequences when business owners start implementing marketing before creating an overall plan. Rushing into marketing too soon can result in problems like these:

– Launching social media ads without knowing your target audience. You end up spending money to reach the wrong demographic, getting very little engagement or conversion.

– Printing expensive brochures and flyers before establishing a clear value proposition. The materials don’t effectively communicate what problem you solve or why customers should care.

– Trying numerous different marketing tactics in a short time span without evaluating each one. It’s difficult to determine what’s working when you keep changing strategies.

– Creating an elaborate website before defining your unique selling proposition. Visitors aren’t sure what you offer or don’t feel compelled to take next steps like requesting a quote.

– Hiring an influencer to promote your launch before surveying the market. You may find out competitors already serve that niche better or the timing is premature.

Stop wasting time and money. Take time to plan ahead and avoid these types mistakes. Ensure your marketing investments align with business objectives and make the most of limited resources.

Don’t worry if you don’t currently have a marketing strategy and plan. It’s not too late to create one. Let’s start now and get you ready for 2024.