epic fail

My tale of epic fail…

Full transparency here!

If I’m going to share the wins then it’s only fair to share the fails.

Maybe you’ll learn from my piece of humble pie.

So here it is…

I produce podcasts. For myself. For my clients. We broadcast live weekly with Giver Marketing Network.

But I thought after all this time that I didn’t have to follow best practices.

I’m a Diva! I don’t need to be in the backend of the studio 30 minutes before broadcast time. Right?!

Ha! For the first time ever, I signed into the studio 15 before start time thinking I’d just breeze in….


And to make it worse, I wasn’t just producing this episode.


Imagine. The slides are up on the screen but you can’t speak!

And you’re going Live in… 10 minutes.

Rebooted computer. Reopened the studio. Reopened the slide deck.

STILL NO AUDIO! 5 minute countdown.

Found EarPods. I barely know how to use them. I’ve only owned them for a few days. Are they even charged??

Got them connected. 2 minutes to spare. Wow.

I almost singlehandedly totally screwed up the whole broadcast. I got lucky. It could have been so much worse.

No one’s perfect. Not even me.

Shocking, right? 😂

Times like this, I’m eternally grateful for my background in public speaking. Most people probably would have been in full blown panic mode.

I have no idea how I stayed so calm (maybe I was in shock??) and still successfully presented a lively Marketing Broadcast.

Don’t believe me? Catch the replay. Link in the comments 😂

Seriously. Always leave yourself enough extra time so when the unexpected happens, you have time to recover!

Who else has an epic fail that they barely recovered from??