DFW Networking Diva Podcast: Patching with Susie Parker and Sharon Phillips

In this episode of DFW Networking Diva, Christine Deane talks with Susie Parker and Sharon Phillips about patching, a form of phototherapy that elevates a copper peptide known to activate stem cells simply by wearing a small patch on your body. Users report pain relief, reduced inflammation, and more energy.

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Hey y’all, welcome to another episode of DFW Networking Diva! I’m excited today. Many of you know that I’m a board member for the Board of Directors for the DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and I’m heavily involved in the Veteran community. I love helping our veterans, and that’s just my happy space. We have guests that come on, and we have members, and they just do wonderful things in the community. When I met these two, I said, “Oh goodness, we’re going to have to bring them onto our show, too, because I want you all to get to know them.” So I’m happy to bring into this show today Sharon and Susie. Hello! Hi, welcome! I’m getting excited because when you two presented to the chamber, I was like, “You know what? We need to let more people know about what you’re doing.” So I don’t want to steal your thunder, but I think you need to let them know what you’re up to helping people feel better. Yay, we love that! Absolutely. Now, there are all sorts of ways to make people feel better, but you two have a special strategy. You’ve got something that’s going on here that is really revolutionary, and not enough people know about it. The more I hear about it, and the more success stories I hear, I go, “Wow, this is incredible!” Can you share a little bit about that? Sure, go ahead, Susie.

So, um, we are on the leading edge of health with the new stem cell patch by LifeWave, and this patch is changing people’s lives. People don’t realize what a stem cell is and how it what it how it is and what happens as you age. There is a decrease of those cells, but there is a magical way to get new ones naturally – nothing is going into the body. It’s an amazing patch and it took 10 years to be developed. Sharon has one and mine is back here, about the size of a quarter. Let me make sure I understand; for those who are unfamiliar with this, stem cells are one of those magical things we don’t even understand how the science works on. Your average person is like, “What is a stem cell, what does it do and why do I care?” Well, our eyes, heart, health, everything in our body, our skin is comprised of stem cells. As we age, that’s the major culprit, as our stem cells start to diminish, and that’s when diseases, conditions, and surgeries start to happen, and we don’t recover or heal as fast.

The scientists and CEO of LifeWave worked on this for 10 years and spent four million dollars on stem cell research. He designed a product, which is a patch, with proprietary enzymes inside that enhance and activate the stem cells we do have left, which reduces inflammation. Pain starts to diminish, and that’s where we start to focus on helping folks with pain.

Everybody’s heard about the injections. Most of the time, those don’t work. The injections take some of your blood out, mix it with something, and put it back in. What they take out are old, tired stem cells, so you can inject them into your knee, but nothing is going to regenerate and start your own stem cells producing new, active, vibrant cells that can go to any area your body needs. No pill, no other company, no supplement can do it. It’s an amazing thing. It can be expensive, and they don’t guarantee any kind of results. So, you’re out thousands of dollars and all your hopes are dashed, and it didn’t even work. That’s frustrating right so you’re looking for alternatives, so you know we’re touching more on this stem cell thing, so I’m starting to see the value in it.

And you’ve got these little patches; it’s so hard to understand that a little tiny patch, you know, could have such a big impact, so we don’t have to take any pills

You just place it on the points that the scientist has many clinical studies and patents by the way, and you wear the patch for 12 hours and you can either wear it behind your neck or three inches below your navel, and that’s where the meridian points are; it’s all based on the acupuncture points that he studied. But, um, and then you’re going to throw the patch away; you don’t want to wear the same patch every day because there might be four to six hours left in that patch, but it’s not going to help you, um, yeah, eventually the crystals in the patch dissipate.

So, what this is is photo-therapy?

So the crystals are warmed up by your infrared light and it reflects back into the body a certain copper peptide in the body, and that peptide talks to your stem cells and gets them up and moving and lets go, let’s get some new production in line. So, the stem cell patch is actually not healing your body, but your very own stem cells are now healing your body. It is magic, magic turned down, because it sounds magical, right? So, it’s basically getting our bodies to wake up and get parts working that maybe weren’t so functional before, saying, “Hey, let’s heal ourselves; what a great idea!” It sounds amazing.

Future, as well, you’re also now creating new stem cells, no matter how old you are; testimonial after testimonial, no matter what your condition or age, you know, you could be a four-year-old or a 92-year-old; it’s amazing, there’s still a little bit left in there that can be activated and then regenerate new cells, so it’s about longevity, age reversal – people are feeling better. Finally, you know, right?

So, this really does work, pain management, right? That’s kind of what you’re focused on is pain management, but it sounds like it has a lot more benefits than just pain management.

Absolutely. For me, it was sleep; I was an insomniac for over 20 years, and um, it took several months for it to work, but one day I woke up and I was like, “Wow, I had a dream and I slept all night!” To me, that was such a blessing, and it’s um, so whatever it was working on those months prior to on the inside, I didn’t know, but I know it goes where the body tells it to go and fix the most important things first, so that was my big wow, finally I got some sleep after uh 20 years.

Is that what sold you on this, or was there something else that you originally started using it with?

I actually was looking for something for my sister who has four autoimmune diseases, and we had been looking for a long time. We’ve tried CBDs oils, creams, lotions, potions, pills, whatever, and nothing seemed to work. But I just felt like this was going to help her, and actually it did in a very short time. Off of her 13 years of medications, within two months she is now living a more normal life and, yes, she is one of my team members.

So, yeah, if you use something and it has incredible results, you can’t help but want to get involved and become an advocate, so I can understand completely her getting involved, you getting involved. Right? That’s your story on how you got involved in it, right? And then you end up using it for yourself, and it sounds like you’re getting wonderful results? Yeah, that’s fantastic.

Sharon, how did you get involved in this?

Well, I was looking for something to help me with my migraines and also had a pinched nerve and whiplash from a car accident. So, for me, it was pain. My pain went away. I just put the patch on and, seriously, it went away right away. Some folks will react to that energy; some people it may take longer, but for me, obviously, my body needed to work on the migraine and that accident that I had, and it took about three weeks for this all to go away. But, you know, that was two years ago next month, and you know I went to the eye doctor for my yearly checkup, and now I have 20/20 vision. I didn’t have that before. So, things just will come into play the longer that we’re in the patches.

Also, we tell everybody to take a picture of your face because your skin is going to change. You know, the wrinkles and your cheeks are going to start to lift because there’s the collagen that gets reactivated, as well, because we lose that as we age, right. So, it’s amazing the before and after pictures. It’s important to say, too, that your body is different than my body. So, it might grow me some hair and might not grow you some hair, or it might give you 20/20 vision and it didn’t do it for me, but it’s doing other things for me. Yeah, right. So, once you’ve activated those stem cells, it kind of just goes through your body and says, “Well, where do we need a little healing?” Right? And so, your body is going to know what that answer is. So, it’s going to follow wherever your needs are. And it may be like, “Ah, she doesn’t really need more hair,” right? But you don’t need it, I do, and I’m getting it. And you know, I’ve heard rumors, I’ve talked to people that have used this product before, and I gotta say it, you hate to say it, but like a little miracle, you know.

When you hear things like this, you’re like, “No, really? It’s… I think it sounds like one of those things where it almost sounds too good to be true, and you almost have to try it to really actually believe it.”

Yeah, and some people want instant gratification. For me, it took five months, but I know the science, I read the science, I believe in the science, and I saw how it worked for my sister. Different strokes for different folks, but I did do what I thought I needed the most eventually, right? And that’s really hard right now, right? We want instant gratification; we are in an instant gratification culture. Whatever it is, we want it now. And you know, not everything works that way, and a lot of times, the best things in life, you have to work for. You don’t just get it handed to you the first time you look at it. So, you know, you’ve got to be willing to invest the time it takes, and if you believe in the science, if you’ve seen the success stories, if you’ve seen other people, if you know other people use it, then maybe you can be more likely to be like, “Okay, I’m gonna stick with it even though I’m not seeing the results I want yet.” Right? They’re coming, they’re coming; you just got to be patient with it.

Well, so you told us about some of the people you’ve helped, your personal stories and the success that you’ve seen. What have you seen with your clients?

Oh my gosh, lots. Of um, just, any kind of example? What about the gentleman that was helping with his um, oh gosh, the ADHD or the…what was he having problems with? Okay, we’ll think of that. So, I went to the dentist, okay there we go. Okay, went to the dentist, went to my desk, got my teeth cleaned up. I’m leaving. I always carry my patches in a pack, and um, you know, I was talking to the husband who also works at the office, and he goes, “Man, I’ve had this pain for 20 years.” So, I gave him a patch, he put it on, and I’m, you know, I’m talking, because that’s what I do. I understand my rep. He goes, “This can’t be true. This can’t be true. My pain is gone.” It can happen that fast. Wow! So, now that dentist office sends me anybody that has you know, pain or, you know, sleep or any kind of issues like that. They say, “Call Susie and talk to her, because she has a magic patch that might be able to help you.” It’s really interesting. Might be good enough, right?

When you’ve tried everything else, and you’re like, “Oh goodness, I’ve done this, I’ve done that. It hasn’t worked right?” It you know, why not? If you’ve already spent that much energy and time, why not try one more thing? Right? You never know. It might be the thing that works, and if it does, oh my goodness, the idea of living a pain-free life. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that can’t even wrap their mind around it. They’ve been in pain for so long; they’ve had an old injury that’s been there for so long. Right? You hurt your knee back.

I mean, I know with my brother, you know he blew out his knee in high school, right? Well, so now you still have that knee for the rest of your life, right? You have to manage that pain, right? And so many people are tired of taking drugs, and all the side effects are really, really seeing that you know it still hasn’t solved the problem. It might numb the pain or you know, it may kind of sort of work, but who wants to keep taking drugs forever?

So, I’m just going to tell one really quick story.

Oh, please do. I was hoping you would tell more.

A Vietnam vet I met in Pensacola, Florida, and you know, he was intrigued, but anyways, I gave him some patches. He had foot pain from the war, right? Can’t wear boots and can’t do this and can’t do that. Well, he texts me like the next thing, “Oh, my gosh, that pain is like 60% gone!” And I hope you don’t mind, but I gave my wife one because she needs one for sleeping. And the next day after that, he said the pain is really almost gone, but my wife, who hadn’t slept really good for a long time with one patch, slept two hours later than usual and did not wake up. And she woke up and said, “Oh, my gosh, this is a miracle!”

And I love those stories. Oh, my goodness, it’s so heartwarming, right? And that’s what it is. You think you have to live with the insomnia; you think you have to live with that pain, especially like your feet, you’re walking on them every day, and it’s impacting your quality of life, right? You can’t get up and go do whatever you want to do. Pain is a huge impact on that, so I love that you guys have come up with, you’ve discovered this solution, you’re sharing it with others. I think that’s so wonderful. Hope. I think, you know.

I had a lady come by and she’s been in pain for decades and she had a really bad back. And so, we placed the patch right on the pain point, and in a couple minutes, I said, “How are you feeling?” And she goes, “The pain is gone!” See, that’s what I mean with some people, it’s automatic, it’s fast. It’s fast because this woman had been suffering for decades. You know, she just stands all day at her job, so there’s other things that have happened because of their back, you know, those sciatica and all that kind of stuff. So, I mean, it’s just when somebody finds relief, like she even used the word “hope.” She goes, “I never thought I could find anything,” and so we got her started right away.

Yeah, absolutely. There’s so many different ways, my mind is just going, “Click, click, click.” I had somebody else tell me that they’d used it after surgery, and a lot of times you worry about with surgery that you’re gonna, you know, have to take pain medication because otherwise you can’t function, it’s just too painful. They said they didn’t take any pain pills afterwards, they’ve used their patches and didn’t have to take anything. And I’m just thinking about, you know, those that want to have that healthier lifestyle and don’t want to fill their bodies full.

Of all these different yucky, you know, pills, that’s a great option, and even for those, I could see it being a wonder for those that are dealing with rehabilitation issues, right? And they’re told to stay away from all the drugs, right? Can you imagine having to go through something where you did need a surgery, you did need to deal with pain, but you didn’t want to go anywhere near those pills? What a wonderful alternative to be available for that anybody in that situation. Wow, yeah, this is incredible.

Locations for it, patch before, during, and after surgery. Honestly, you know, the recovery, the healing, gosh, we’ve got before and after pictures of different situations, um, you know, maybe next time we can have those pictures for you all, yeah, we’ll do a little slideshow one time and we’ll bring you guys back, you can do a slideshow, show us some before and after.

Okay, this is one of those things where it sounds so good, they always say it sounds too good to be true, it must be, but I’ve heard so many good stories, I can’t help but believe it. You know, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen people experience this, and it’s a whole different way of living. Imagine being pain free, just wow.

And our mission is to help everyday people, but also veterans, because some of them have been suffering for such a long time, and then, you know, we really love to talk to practitioners, right, Sharon? Because you can reach more people than us. Exactly. Their audience is already there, and they can help a lot of people, right. So there are partnerships, right, people you’d like to partner with, so that you can let them give it a try, see if they, they go wow, right, kind of like the dentist, once they tried it, they were believers, right, and ready to share that information, and they’re in that position to help more people, right, and that’s all you want to do is just share it, so people know that there is hope, there’s an opportunity to be pain-free. I mean, most people can’t even wrap their minds around that idea, so this is fantastic, right? So you want to talk to dentists, you want to talk to doctors, homeopathic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage, any modality, wellness centers, wellness centers, clinics, um, you know, anybody that is open to perhaps offering another, uh, another relief for their clients, and it’s also adding extra income to their practice, so, um, you know.

And Susie had mentioned Pensacola. We’ve made two trips this year, and just the folks that we have met, whether veterans or practitioners, just really excited to hear about this, this new concept to help their patients, themselves as well and so you know and that that brings me to where we can help anybody anywhere all over the world too. So it’s keeping us busy, that’s for sure. They say you can do a consultation from anywhere right that’s true if somebody’s watching this and they’re not in America that’s okay. We can help you too. I love that, yeah.

So let’s talk about Pensacola for just a minute.

Sharon and I are going back to Pensacola our third trip yes this year but we are going to go to an expo there on the Emerald Coast, a holistic Expo and we’re going to be there. We’re going to be doing patching demonstration so it’s the 9th and 10th of September and we welcome anybody who knows anybody in that area to come out and see us or send your Mom, pop, or whoever. If they’re in pain or if they are just curious, send them. We’d love to.

So the Pensacola Florida, that’s where this event’s gonna be?

Oh no, Fort Walton Beach Destin Conference Center which is in that area of of Pensacola and the panhandle of Florida.

Okay so if you’re out in the Panhandle air Florida you need an excuse to have a vacation there yes come visit Sharon and Susie over at their uh their booth that they’re going to have over there. And that sounds like a lot of fun! I like that excuse. I wish I could escape and come hang out with you in Florida.

Well so we got this event but you do one-on-one consultations now. I know there’s multiple types of patches and so I think sometimes as a new person to patching you might not know what’s best for you, based on what’s going on.

So do you offer free consultations where you’ll talk to people and help them figure out which patch they need and which one’s going to do the best work for them?

Yeah, every person we talk to, that’s the conversation that we have absolutely. And then as time goes on, we learn more and more as they share with us. And there are other patches. You are correct. But you really want to start with the stem cell patch which is the x-39. And then there is a pain patch; it’s a topical patch called ice wave. Those two are the ones they should get started on if they can, right.

So if they have questions and they’re not sure what to do about this, y’all are both available for consultations, right? So we’re going to scroll across the screen. If you want to reach out and talk to Susie you can catch her on Facebook at facebook.com/Susie.Parker and you can reach her on Facebook and she’ll be happy to answer any questions and if Susie doesn’t get back to you right away don’t worry there’s Sharon you can always reach out to. Sharon’s available also on Facebook and that facebook.com/Sharon.phillips.547 and you can find her on Facebook because between the two of them, man, you’ve got lots of experience and a good understand of what’s going on. And either one of them can offer you fantastic advice. And you just want to reach out and have a conversation.

I know sometimes we get nervous when we’re trying something new; we’re like “I don’t know if I’m ready for this, right? Sometimes we just have some reservations. We need to ask some questions. So reach out to Sharon and Susie and find out. Say “you know, I’ve got a question” and they’ll say “I have an answer.” The experience you’ve got with this, the success that you’ve seen, chances are, they’ve probably helped somebody with that condition already. And you could tell, well, this is the results that that my clients found, right, my customers. So you know if you’ve got questions, reach out to them. This is one of those things that it’s almost like voodoo magic, right? I mean, we just don’t even completely wrap our mind around how it works but it works and I’ve seen the stories and I would hope that anybody that’s experiencing pain, that’s having problems with sleeping, will take a moment to reach out to you and find out what the possibilities are. And if you’re getting lost and you want to help find them, reach out to me and I’ll help get you connected to them because we want to let people know that they don’t have to live in pain anymore. No, there are natural alternatives. And I love that part, right? Natural alternatives! Oh, that just that makes my heart sing.

Are there any last words of advice or suggestions or anything you want to share with our viewers today?

Well, I just want to say if you are in the Florida Panhandle, bring your pain and come and see us at the Expo. We can help you right there in person. Right in-person demos.

I love it! That’s going to be a lot of fun. I wish I could join you too. Have a fun trip to Florida. Stay safe and after you do your trip, we’ll have you come back on and we’ll have you share some before and after pictures and tell us about your trip and how it went. Okay?

Thank you so much for having us today.

Absolutely! We’re going to have you all back soon, okay?

All right!