speaking event: networking to build relationships

What have you strayed away from that you want to incorporate back into your life? It might be personal or professional. For me, It’s a professional activity I stepped away from because of personal reasons.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy public speaking. I’m a communications major. I taught public speaking. I coached the speech and debate team. I have awards. My students won awards. Public speaking had been a big part of my life.

As an entrepreneur, I often gave presentations sharing my knowledge of communications, networking, marketing, business strategy and so much more. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Lol.

But when we went into isolation during the pandemic, I lost my opportunities and more importantly, I lost my confidence. I felt anxious in large groups. I couldn’t focus. Why would I want to get up and speak when I didn’t even want to be in the room? It took quite a while to get past that anxiety. And I finally feel like I’m starting to emerge from my cocoon.

I had an opportunity to speak in person last night to a group of wonderfully friendly professionals at North Texas Private Investigators Association.

Oh, the joy! It felt so good to see their smiles, make eye contact while I spoke, and interact with the audience. They thanked me for sharing. But I really should be the one to thank them.

They’ve inspired me to get back on stage.

So what do you want to incorporate more of into your life? Do it now. Life is too short to postpone what brings you joy 🤩💕

As for me, find me an audience! 🤩

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