Strategist, Relationship Marketing Coach, and Agency
for Mission-Driven ForProfit & NonProfit  Organizations

Strategy Session

You have a brilliant idea and now you need to figure out how to make it a reality. Book an appointment to turn your dreams into a tangible scalable plan.


Maintain your independence & autonomy while keeping an expert at your fingertips for guidance & advice. Maybe it’s time to hire a Coach for Networking & Marketing, Fractional Marketing Director, or CMO.

Done-4-U Marketing

Are you ready to expand your business? Or has your business already expanded and become unmanageable? Perhaps it’s time to hire a team of marketing experts to do it for you!

Can You Attain Your Vision

with Your Current Marketing Plan?

Build Your Brand

You’re on a mission to do good in the world. Is that mission clearly reflected in your marketing? Differentiate yourself from the competition by ensuring your brand aligns with your values, mission, and vision.  Whether you’re just starting out, need a fresh new look, or complete rebranding, we can help! Our basic business branding packages are custom designed for your needs.

Increase Visibility

What are you doing to help your ideal client find you easily? Let’s talk about physical and online visibility, tailoring it to meet the needs of your organization. From signage to a Website with SEO, let’s draw people towards you. The easier your ideal client can find you, the less time you have to spend finding them. Don’t be the best-kept secret in town.

Organic & Paid Promotions

What are you doing to grab the attention of your ideal client? Let’s explore your options from networking with synergy partners and potential clients, to hosting & attending events, to custom social media images, email campaigns, podcasts, and paid ads & stalker ads. Track data so you can optimize your processes. The more efficient your marketing, the less you spend on paid traffic.

Nurture Relationships

It’s all about relationships! What are you doing to successfully nurture your relationship with potential clients, current clients, past clients, networking partners, and?? Are you using your CRM to its full potential? Do have a system for onboarding? Customer service manuals? Newsletters to keep top of mind? A system for requesting referrals and managing your reputation? 

If You Don’t Have the Above Processes in Place, then…

You Need a Marketing Plan!

What is a Marketing Plan?

A solid marketing plan is your secret to success!

It’s a strategic roadmap that businesses and organizations use to organize, execute, and track their marketing goals.

You will probably have multiple campaigns running simultaneously with each campaign having its own mission, buyer personas, budget, tactics, and deliverables.

You need to track your analytics and analyze the results to determine what works and what doesn’t, and then adjust the marketing plan accordingly.

Whether you opt for an in-depth detailed plan or a simpler approach, the key is to devise a well-structured plan that meets your business goals, is easy to understand, and can feasibly be implemented.

Ready to get serious about your business?

Order my ebook!

How to create a successful marketing plan

Do You have the Tools Necessary for Success?

digital marketing tools

Don’t waste your time on boring repetitive tasks. Save time and money by adding marketing tools to your business or organization! You’d be amazed at what can be automated and integrated. Whatever your need, we have a solution. 

And to be even more productive, why not tie it all into your CRM? Find out more about our Sweet CRM!

You & Me =

The Dream Team

If you’re a mission-driven organization, let’s work together to build, scale, and connect with your community through strategy, networking, and marketing. I work exclusively with solopreneurs, small & medium businesses, and nonprofits who have big hearts and want to expand their mission to help more people while still making a profit.

As a master strategist, I will help you clarify your vision and develop it into a viable scalable business with repeatable systems, then connect you to power partners and resources, and help you design and execute marketing plans. When it comes to your marketing, we can either coach you through execution or offer you Done-4-You or Done With You Marketing Services.

My coaching process ignites your passion and renews your enthusiasm for achieving your goals of more success and greater profitability.

Creating custom marketing plans is my idea of a good time. Seriously. I wake up excited every day because I know I’m going to have the opportunity to bless an entrepreneur, small business owner, or nonprofit with marketing advice.  And I promise that my enthusiasm is contagious! I’m on a mission to make people smile.  Who’s next?

DFW Networking Diva Christine Deane

What is the Coaching Process Like?

Working with a Business Strategy & Marketing Coach is simple and easy. To get the most bang for your buck, come prepared. Your coach’s goal is to understand your business so that together you can ensure you’re taking advantage of the multiple streams of income available in your business and create a marketing plan to accelerate success.

Your Coach is going to want to review your current business plan (if you have one), your mission statement, goals for your business, learn about you personally and the origin story of your business, and understand your values.

Be prepared to talk about what you’re currently doing for marketing. Expect to discuss & identify your ideal client and how best to reach them. And come with an estimate of how much you can spend on your marketing budget because that will impact what we can and cannot do.

We want to make the implementation process as smooth as possible. We can coach you through it, create a recording that tells your VAs / team what to do, or our team can do it for you or with you.

Expect your coach to request access to your website, social media, CRM, and any marketing programs that you currently use.  And if you don’t have any of this yet, never fear – your coach can help you create whatever you need. 

1. What if I just started my business and don't have anything at all?

That’s okay! We’ll help you get sarted with your business, helping you prioritize what to do first.

2. What if I want to learn how to do it all myself?

We’ll recommend tools and teach you how to do it yourself if that’s what you prefer.

3. Will you train my team how to do our marketing?

Absolutely! If you have a team and want us to be your Markeitng Director, we can create your marketing plan and train your team to do the work. This is great for organizations that have interns or volunteers. Or perhaps you hired a few part-timers who just need guidance from a part-time Marketing Director.

4. What if I decide that I don't want to do my own marketing. Will you do it for me?

Absolutely! At any point, if you decide you don’t want to do a particular marketing task, you can give it us to complete for you. We’ll create a contracat for you to outsource your marketing project to our team of experts.

5. I only want help with social media. Is that okay?

We’ll help you achienve your marketing goals, whatever those may be. If you only want help with social media, then that’s what we’ll focus on during our coaching call. Let us know your goals, and we’ll help you achieve them!

6. Do I need a website?

We usually recommend that every business or organization has a professional website. It helps build your credibility and make it easier for your customers and clients to find you.

7. What's the difference between a website and a landing page?

Great question! We all know that our business needs a  website but you rarely hear landing pages mentioned in the same sentence.

Websites are likethe encyclopedia for your business. It’s where you put all your business information that you want the public to access. It should be easy to navigate and search.

Landing pages, however, have a completely different goal. They don’t have all the excess information to distract readers from the goal of the page. A landing page focuses on a call to action. By the time they get to the bottom of the page, you’ve persuaded them to take action – book an appointment, download an ebook, purchase a product, ordered a service, etc.

If you sell products or services, you’re going to want a website and landing pages.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

(Yup. We know it’s corny but we can’t help it!)

Together, we’ll work as team – creating and executing plans to achieve your business and marketing goals.

You can work with your Marketing Coach weekly or once a month, depending on your needs. You have access to your Coach’s calendar to book your own appointments at a time that’s convenient for you.

Explore Our Coaching Packages

Giver Marketing Network

Marketing Coaching for Entrepreneurs Group

We’ve partnered with Timothy Morgan and Giver Marketing Network, the highest-reviewed marketing network on Google.

Join our FREE Facebook group where we offer marketing tips and tricks! This a great place to learn from experts and interact with other entrepreneurs.

More Details

Seriously, this is not one of those “Join-our-group-so-we-can-spam-you-to-death-with-sales-pitches.” Promise! Come hang out with us and if you decide it’s not your vibe, then just quietly exit the group. But I think we’re going to grow on you 🙂

DFW Networking Diva marketing coach


Marketing Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little help and the faster we accept it, the faster we can make real progress.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, business start-up, small or medium sized business, or nonprofit, marketing gets a little easier with an expert by your side.

More Details

We have weekly and monthly coaching packages available. Purchase a coaching package of prepaid hours or sign up for a coaching subscription. The choice is yours!

Need a fractional director to lead your team

Fractional Marketing Director / Fractional CMO

Are you ready to clarify your values, mission, and vision so your marketing  reflects your brand?

Maybe it’s time to bring in a Thought Leader who is determined to strategically help you grow your organization. Through inspirational leadership, we’ll train & project manage your team to put processes in place for greater success.

More Details

We offer Fractional Marketing Director and Fractional CMO options. Pick the marketing package that works for you.

What Our Clients Say…



“If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you cannot go wrong meeting & working with Christine. She gets to know you, your business and is able to paint a marketing picture for you that leaves you with actionable ideas to grow your business. If you have not met with her, yet, you need to, today!”

~ Rob Scott,
Founder of The Forgiveness Link



So much knowledge and positive support! Loving her is an understatement!!”

~ Sedaya Mua,
Published Makeup Artist & Model



Super passionate about helping people succeed!”

~ Tiffany R Ghrist,
Founder, Cred-it Together



“Christine’s bright, cheerful way of being is uplifting. She also is fantastic in working with businesses and gave me helpful tips. I highly recommend Christine Deane.”

~ Nate Saucier,
Founder, Attraction Unlimited Marketing



“Christine was very helpful. She gave me some great ideas to help me organize my contacts from networking, how to target specific groups that would be interested in helping my non-profit organization and how to save time with networking online, along with a few other great pieces of advice. Thanks Christine!”

~ Christie Arnell,
Founder, Ukraine Unlimited Nonprofit

collaboration for greater success

We Love to Collaborate!

We’re called Networking Diva for a reason! We believe in partnerships and collaboration, working together for the greater good. If you have an idea how we might be able to work together in a way that benefits all parties involved, we’d love to hear about it.